A day in the Great Outdoors!

For every moment we spend with nature we receive more than what we seek!

Our innate nature is to be Natural! Its our lifestyle which has alienated us from our living spirit – “ Our passion for adventure and our zest to explore ”. Here we take you back to being yourself, discovering yourself, exploring your hidden potential for ‘Its in adventure and in the laps of nature that most of the people succeed in knowing themselves, in finding themselves.’

Welcome to Satya Sports Village! We offer you a heady concoction of Sports and Adventure topped with wonders of Nature.

Based at the foothills of Nandi,nestled among the beautiful hills of Nandi Giri, Chandra Giri, and Brahma Giri[Shani Mahatma Betta] in the midst of lush green nature dwells our space. Designed with elements that blend with Nature, this space offers varied activities for people with different interests.

Sports and adventure lovers who are keen to explore the secret hidden trails around Nandi have Horse Safaris, Cycling, Trekking and Nature Walks to choose from. People who want a safe haven and yet seek some adrenalin high we have an indoor trail for Horse riding, Cycling, Walking, Running within the Sports Village. Nature Lovers have Bird watching, Flora Walk, Treasure Hunts and Camping and if you love History then we have Heritage Historic walks around Nandi that will take you back to the days of Banas, Cholas, Hoysalas, Vijaynagar Kings and that of Tipu Sultan.

This space is ideal for Institutions and organizations looking for Team building and experiential learning.

In true spirit of the motto ‘Challenge your Limit , Discover your True self’ we at Satya Sports Village believe in providing you opportunities to realize your dreams !

Come spend a memorable day outdoors at Satya Sports Village "Look deep into nature and understand everything better”. You will surely go back home enriched NATURALLY!